Before and After School Care:

The Starfish Academy offers before and after school care for school age children with developmental disabilities. The Starfish Academy understands and is able to meet the needs of exceptional children as they transition from home to school. Enrollment is limited to six children before and after school.

Skills Groups:

The Starfish Academy offers two skills groups per day. The hours for the AM Session are 9:00am-11:00am. The hours for the PM Session are 1:00pm-3:00pm. Enrollment is limited to four children per session.

Children attending skills groups at The Starfish Academy participate in a comprehensive curriculum of basic skills as they build the pre-academic skills needed for success in formal education. Children also work on developing skills in behavioral self-control, reciprocal socialization, adaptive ability, and communication so that they will be ready for the classroom expectations of formal education.

Participation in skills groups provides exposure to many different approaches for learning and can lead to the development of curricular accommodations that can be carried over into the child’s formal education.

Skills groups at The Starfish Academy are a great compliment for children who are already attending preschool programs, but would benefit from additional focused attention on building specific skills. The small group size allows for great individual attention and observation. It is this individualized attention that leads to creation of purposeful goals, making the most of learning hours.

Summer Care:

In addition to summer skills groups, The Starfish Academy also offers extended care.

Homework Tutoring:

The Starfish Academy offers homework tutoring by appointment. The Starfish Academy recognizes how difficult and disruptive homework demands can be for exceptional children and their families. Tutoring can remove the stress from the family and give the child the academic supports necessary to be successful.


The Starfish Academy offers Special Education Advocacy and Advocacy for Families who have Adult Children with Disabilities. Advocacy may be simple record review and plan formulation or actual meeting attendance and escalation of the process in order to achieve desired outcomes. Resource Referral is free for all families enrolled in The Starfish Academy.

Special Groups:

The Starfish Academy offers many special group enrichment activities throughout the year. These are typically scheduled for evenings or weekends and may include offsite field trips. Parent volunteers are encouraged to participate.
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